My whole novel turned orange and underlined and I can't undo! Help!

I have this novel I’m writing (167,262 words so far). I don’t know what I did to cause it but the entire text turned orange and underlined and I can’t fix it. It appears that way on the screen, it prints out that way and copies that way. I just want black and white type with no underlines. Nothing I do changes anything. Help!

You have Edit - Track changes - Record changes and Edit - Track changes - Show changes turned on, and accidentally deleted all text. You can restore it by Edit - Track changes - Manage changes, the reject any changes that you don’t like.

I tried doing these things but I’m having trouble relating what instructions affect what changes. I lost a bit of text and didn’t know how to get it back so I closed the file without saving. When I opened it again there was no difference to the file (still orange and underlined) except 157 words gone. I’m going to need more detailed instructions suitable for dummies.

Please consult the Help on Track Changes.

Go to the “View” menu and uncheck “Track changes”.

Go to the “View” menu and uncheck “Track changes”.