my writer document prints in multiple fonts when only one is selected

I am using version I set the entire document to print in one font, but it prints in several different ones.
I tried changing styles but the same thing happens.

There seems to be some confusion. You say that you “set the document to print in one font”. You cannot separately set the font of a document and the font for printing. The font that is printed will be whatever font is in the document.

What is happening is that my document is set to print in Garmond but when it comes out of the printer one line is in Garmond and another in Ariel and another in Comis San and continues to print like this through the whole document. I tried to remove all formatting by using cut and special paste with no formatting. The same thing happened. I save the document as a Word file and sent the document to our second computer and open it in Word and the same thing happens.
When I create another document on the second computer and send it to the same printer it prints correctly.
This leads me to think there is a incorrect setting in Libre Writer.
Maybe I need to reinstall the program?
Is there an update somewhere?

Strange. There is no setting for a document to print in a particular font. The printer should print whatever font the document has been composed in, that is, however it appears on the screen. I can’t think of anything that would cause the printer to do otherwise. Re-installing LibreOffice might solve the problem. V6.4.7.2 is a stable release and you can download it here . In this case I would suggest un-installing the version you have before installing the newer one.

The problem is resolved for now by changing the font to Times New Roman. All very strange and unexplainable. If it happens again I will delete the current version and download a new one. Thanks for you help

@scgirl Since changing the font resolved the problem, it would be an interesting experiment to now change the font again by the same method, back to your preferred Garamond font, and see if the printing problem reappears or if it remains resolved.