mysql relationships not shown till exit and re-enter Base

hi, still with base connecting to a MySQL database, I can’t get relationships (which it calls relations) to “stick”.

I can create them, but even if I save them they disappear as soon as the relationships window closes.

I did not have this problem with the embedded db.

LO 5.2.7 Base using JDBC.

any advice?

Anyone (Ratslinger or anyone else) get this to work with any version of LO and any version of MySQL? If so which connector did you use?

Edit: update

Yesterday I tried various things to get some relationships defined using the GUI. As reported above, each time the relationship vanished if I closed the relationships window and re-opened it. In the end I closed Base and shut down the MySQL server without (as I thought) seeing any success.

Today on starting both server and base, the relationships are all there, displayed in the relationships window as soon as I open it with Tools->Relationships. New relationships still disappear though…

On further testing, it turns out that to let the relationships appear in the relationships window, it is necessary to exit from Base and re-enter. It does not seem necessary to restart the server. In the meantime any FK constraints are enforced, so MySQL clearly does know about the new relationship.

Saving the database without exiting from Base does not seem to be enough to make Base notice the new relationship. Exiting from Base and re-entering from the LO sart page does load the updated relationship info.

Base seems therefore to skip updating its knowledge of relationship changes but does correctly load them on startup… It may well be that this is a known issue fixed in a more recent version of Base (I am using

Please advise if a bug report is likely to be useful (and if so please point me to the bug reporting service)

All bugs report here → Bugzilla


Mint 18.2 using LO v6.1.0.3 currently (various other versions work the same).

The connectors in Base which seems to allow use of Tools->Relationships GUI is the native connector and MySQL(JDBC). Both JDBC and ODBC connectors from MySQL report:

image description

Using a Native connector (SDBC) I have no problem creating or deleting Foreign Keys.

Can also use MySQL(JDBC) connector in Base without a problem (just tried adding & deleting).

Foreign Keys can be listed, created or deleted using SQL (see manual for syntax).

There is also MySQL Workbench. This has many options for manipulating Schema and selections to show what keys are established (along with Triggers, Stored Procedures and much more). There is also a handy graphical modeling tool to design & convert to a schema.

Then there is Workbench/J which allows connection to many different DB’s and has capabilities to transfer data from one DB to another along with DB maintenance & SQL. There is no modeling tool here. Connections are typically JDBC.

In LO connecting to MySQL 8 using JDBC the new relationships are created but not visible until exit from Base and reconnecting to the same database. (Further detail in edited Q)