Named Range As Print Range

I am using LO Calc Version: (x64). I am trying to set a print range using a named range. I set up the named range under Sheet > Named Ranges and Expressions > Define, named and defined the range, and selected the “Print Range” check box under “Range Options”. The Help file for this option says that “Print range Defines the area as a print range”.

So now how do I use it? If I define a print range under Format > Print Ranges > Edit, I can’t see how to use the named range. If I type the name into the Print Range field after selecting “- user defined -” from the drop-down, I get the error “Invalid sheet reference.” The scope of the named range is the sheet and the Help file says nothing about print range definition format.

What am I doing wrong?


I take it that this was a dumb question.

BTW it is a address range or a range defined by a formula?

I was using a formula to create a dynamic range in the project I was working on referenced above. However, I believe that I also tried using an address range to check the behavior.

Print Previews did not show the results I was looking for.


Please take look to this Not possible to create a dynamic Named Range with a calculated reference (like with OFFSET) and use it as a Print Range,

Try changing the scope of the named range to global.

Then you should be able to select it via Format > Print Ranges > Edit.

See if Print Preview shows what you want to see. Or do a provisional export to PDF to see if you get what you want.

I came across your question while searching for help with named print ranges. I’m using LO on Win7 and it seems some aspects of them still don’t work correctly. Or maybe my expectations are too high. :smiley: