Naming calc sheets with calendar function in Style or preferences

Calc creates sheets with the default names of Sheet01, Sheet02, Sheet03, et cetera. Is there a way to make calc access the calendar function and name sheets Jan01, Jan02, Jan03, et cetera?

I KNOW I CAN USE A MACRO to rename sheets, I want to know if I can rename sheets to calendar days without a script.

Variations would be sheets renamed to just business days, etc.

Given that many people are making crude time sheet files for pandemic work-from-home purposes, such an automatic function would be popular, I am sure


no - you can’t achieve that without creating a macro. The only designed way to name sheets on creation is through Tools -> Options -> LibreOffice Calc -> Defaults

Hello @Moxieman, @anon73440385 already answered your question (so, you can mark his answer as correct). But still you can add new sheets with names Jan2, Jan3, etc.

  • Choose Tools - Options… - LibreOffice Calc - Defaults, and set Prefix name for new worksheets: as Jan. Then each time you click the + that is at the left hand of the sheet tabs, you would get a new sheet.

If your worksheet opens with 3 sheets, first you need to delete the sheets 2 and 3, or your first new sheet will be named Jan4. Not a decent dinamic option.

Default name is ever Sheet (varies with the language you have set), so you will need to rename the first sheet.

“Alternatively, hold down the Alt key and click on any sheet name and enter the new name directly (depends on your X Window Manager)”. From LibreOffice Help on Renaming Sheets.

Tested with LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1.

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