Naming custom colors

I create maps in Draw consisting of boxes connected by lines. Boxes represent things like pumps, valves, water tanks, and such. I color code the boxes, so all pumps are sky-blue, valves green, etc. No, I’m not mapping plumbing devices, where different boxes would do the job. These are just examples to keep a long story short.

When I go to a new site I start from scratch, mapping the network, assigning colors, etc.

Problem is, I can never remember is this box orange, yellow 3, or whatever. I go to a known box, right click->area, then see what color it is and assign the new box that color.

Is it possible to create 10-15 colors where I can specify the name and assign them values like sky-blue, chart 2, orange 3, etc?

That is, when I make a new box and want to assign it a color I can choose from server, pump, water tower, etc; instead of sky-blue, orange 3, chart 4, etc?

Open Draw.
From the menu, choose Format> Slide Properties ....
In the “Page Setup” dialog box, click on the “Background” tab and click on the Color button.
On the right side of “New” you can choose a color via RGB or HEX or the button Select .

Select on the left, e.g. the color palette “Custom” (Benutzerdefiniert).
Click on the button Add below.
In the “Name” dialog box, enter a name, e.g. “Pump” on.

Click OK and OK.
If you now use the lines or fill color, select the “Custom” palette.
Now you can use your new color.

image description

With me Win-10-1803-64-Bit, LibreOffice Version: (x64).