Natural/reverse mouse scrolling 6.2.0

Up until 6.2.0 I could utilize Xorg “natural mouse scrolling” in LO. I set the scrolling in .Xmodmap with “pointer = 1 2 3 5 4 7 6 8 9 10”. Is there any way to regain this in 6.2.0?

The program was installed on Arch Linux by untarring the rpm gzip. Windows installable and MacOS dmg seem to function as expected.


K, I figured it out. Not sure why posting the question gets thing flowing.

It appears to be a gtk3 issue. Setting the scrolling in .Xmodmap seems to have no effect over gtk3. The solution I found is to remove the pointer= line from .Xmodmap, then I created a script that uses libinput to set the scrolling:

MOUSEID=$(/usr/bin/xinput list | grep -i mouse | grep -o "id=[0-9][0-9]" | cut -d "=" -f2)
/usr/bin/xinput set-prop $MOUSEID "libinput Natural Scrolling Enabled" 1
exit 0

and run that script in .xinitrc just before the execution of the DE. This works perfectly on my Arch install.