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Hello. I’ve been using Libre Office for a while. I think since the update, the Navigation side panel ran into an issue. I don’t know what’s going on, but when I put my titles into a heading, they don’t appear on my Navigation panel. Please help me figure out the issue. Thanks!

It just happened on the story I’m writing. I’m hoping its isolated, but Heading 1,2 and 3 does not appear on my Navigation panel, but Heading 4 does appear. The other styles don’t appear on the Navigation panel either.

Could you please remove the tag “base” and add “writer”? “base” is for the database document.

In Writer: Have a look on the sidebar. The Listbox at the bottom of the styles should be set to “All Styles” to show all styles.

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Okay. Got it. Also edited the tag. Thanks! :slight_smile:


I see no one answered my question either a year ago, Yeah. That’s a bummer.

Have you got a short sample document with a little text and the first 4 heading styles included?

Maybe most read: Your problem was solved by Roberts hit to show “AllStyles” and you also edited the tag.

please also include the version of LibreOffice. Nobody knows wich version you use. (Not all maintainers on linux are using the same repo, than there is snap and flatpack, for manual updates you can select fresh and still versions and we also see automatic updated versions in AppStores)

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(Seeing your new question): Also note that you likely used wrong term back then, and confused everyone. There is a Navigation toolbar, absolutely different from Navigator. People could possibly simply not understand a carelessly prepared question.

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