Why are my headings not appearing on Navigator?

Hello. I have been working to make sure my headings appear on Navigator. Its disappeared. I tried to fix it but I don’t know what’s going on. I can’t explain well. I put my chapters into headings for easy navigation. It worked just fine. Then it disappears from navigation panel. Even though i right click to make sure the Headings are working, it seems to be but it vanished from the Navigation panel. And when I make a new libre office document to copy and paste, it works for awhile and then it doesnt show up on navigation anymore.

The thing is though, Heading One and Two doesnt appear anymore on Navigation panel but Heading Three seems to be working just fine.

What is going on?

Please upload an anonymized sample file, thank you.

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First to check is if the respective Heading N paragraph style has proper outline level assignment (which, by default, is controlled by Tools|Chapter Numbering feature).


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I apologize but this is still confusing to me. My simple fix would be to just copy from the original and paste it into a new libre office file. Delete the old one or save over the old one. But I paste it as an unformatted text so I can add the headings later. It works for a while. And hope the Navigator panel doesn’t break. And it still gives me one giant mystery as to why my Navigator panel keeps breaking.

I guess my question is how do I prevent that from happening or maybe it’s a bug and I have to report the bug?

Considering the huge number of people for whom the feature works nicely, you probably have broken something in the heading machinery. I suspect either a bad use of styles or some spurious modification caused by undesired direct formatting. The only way to tell is to analyse your document (if it is smaller than 5 pages).