Navigator Auto-Expanding

This may not be the appropriate place, but cannot find anything more suitable!

As almost an Octogenarian, having difficulty With the Writer Navigator since ver 7.0.3. Updraded to 7.1.0 when it became available. But QUICKLY reverted to 7.0.3!
In 7.0.3, Navigator would ‘jump’ to the corresponding entry whenever I ‘EDITED’ that item in the Text. Ver7.1.0 "ENHANCED’ this action so that Navigator Expanded & Moved to that entry even by MOVING the CURSOR into the corresponding text area.

Ver 7.1.0 has continued the UPGRADED Functionality / DOWNGRADED Usability.

I, using Writer to Organize & Record all our family cooking recipes. Since I am not super proficient, found that using Bookmarks, allowed very Intuitive/Understandable Hyper-links. So, I have 100’s of Bookmarks ( & apparently 100’s of Tables + 100’s of Images ); that I’d never looked at in Navigator {not important for my purposes}.

The ‘New Feature’ makes it very Tedious & Annoying to find / utilize / modify my Bookmarks. So I’m once again DOWNGRADING the Software in order to UPGRADE its Functionality.

My suggestion is to allow Navigator to ‘jump’ to the corresponding Entry, IF that Navigator HEADING has been Manually Expanded.

Ciao, Grumpie

PS, The TAGS are NOT Intuitive “Writer,Navigator”; “Navigator”. AND the Error Message does NOT Reset after an attemptetd Correction!