Navigator Document-Specific Constancy

This is somewhere between a bug and a feature fix/request. I use Navigator for books and other long documents I am working on. It would be great help if the Navigator settings were document-specific.

  1. Open/Closed Constancy.

If I open Navigator for a file in Writer, every document I open thereafter - Calc, Slide Show, whatever - has Navigator open, and I have to stop and close it to open up window space, to see what I’m doing. It would be great if my open/closed preferences were saved with each document. For a new, empty document, I can’t see that there is any reason for Navigator to be open.

  1. Drop-Down Constancy.

Much more problematic, when I close a document where I was using Navigator, when I reopen it, all of my outline is collapsed back to the minimal. I have to go through the outline opening it back up, in order to be able to see my headings, and navigate around the document. That may sound trivial, but I typically work on several long documents at once. Often, I simply want to add a single insight or an article citation and then close the document. But on something as long as a book, I may need to open 20 or more chapter headings, and many more subheadings and even sub-subeadings under all of them, to find my place, and to figure out where I want the information to go. It is particularly frustrating.

In effect, I would like Navigator to be better at helping me navigate. Thanks.

This is somewhere between a bug and a feature fix/request

Both needs to be addressed at LibreOffice Bugzilla. This site is about users answer users questions.