Navigator view that integrates all "categories" in Writer

I’m looking for a Navigator view in Writer that does not separate elements by “category” (headings vs. bookmarks vs. tables, etc.). I’d find it useful to be able to understand holistically how these disparate elements fit within the larger hierarchy of the document. For example, I’d like to be able to quickly see that under Heading 1 I have two bookmarks, one table, one image, etc., rather than having an autonomous list of bookmarks that seem to have no relation to any other type of element in the document (whether by proximity or hierarchy). Is there a way to enable such a holistic, cross-category view within Navigator? The only workaround I can imagine is populating the document with invisible headings/subheadings so that everything appears under that one category, but I made an attempt at this and things got very unwieldy very quickly.

Unfortunately, no.

Your idea about a “structure” or holistic outline view of the document is appealing. You could file a feature request on but be aware that developer time is rather scarce and they are already busy with existing bugs which have precedence over new features.

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Thanks for this! Much appreciated