Need a Date Formula (True/False)

I have created a client sheet wherein:

  • A column for client subscription start date
  • B column for client subscription end date

Into C, I want to create:

If B date is greater than or equal to today’s date, then print TRUE into C column.


If B date is less than today’s date, then print FALSE into the C column.

Can this process work automatically into the C column with each new entry? Is it possible in LibreOffice Calc?


assuming B1 contains your date, writing


into cell C1 will do that.

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Why the IF?

Call it 30 years of bad habits, call it using conditions always in conjunction with IfTrue and IfFalse replacements, call it for better readability. I don’t know, I just never think much about something like that I could do it shorter.

Ah, that makes sense. Any consistent usage that has some background is good - just asked to make sure that wasn’t just some overlooked leftover.