Need Book Template with Table of Contents linked to Chapters

How do I create a Book Template with a Table of Contents that is linked to the Chapters and/or parts of chapters? I want to be able to quickly go back and forth between the Table of Contents and the Chapter content I’m producing. I also need to be able to add to the Table of Contents as I go and as needed change the order of both the Table of Contents and the linked chapters.
Are there any free Templates that will help get started doing this?

By default, TOC entries contain a hyperlink back to the heading. Going back to the TOC is handily done with the Navigator (F5).

When you add new chapters, the TOC is updated with Tools>Update all.

You reorganise your chapters with the Navigator. There are buttons to move headings and subordinate headings and text and to promote/demote them (=change heading level).

You don’t really need a template because everything is already in place. Templates in Writer address appearance and default content of documents, not the workflow. Workflow is handled through the tools provided by the UI.

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Thank you for this information; I’ll be trying it this weekend… and will certainly reply back and up vote if it works for me.