Need for additional licenses for publishing using writer

Good Morning all,

I have written a book using Writer using Times New Roman fonts.
The book will be distributed by Amazon only as Paperback (no Digital Book).

I will have to send the book to them as a .pdf file.

Question 1): Do I have to worry about paying some kind of royalty to the owners of Times new Roman? Or is this use included in the free-license of LibreOffice? If so, where would I have to go to pay it.

Question 2): Are there any free fonts that I can use with no royalty within LibreOffice?

Question 3) Amazon preferred pdf format is a pdf/X-1a which apparently cnnot be produced by the Writer software. What would you suggest?

Thanks in advance for your help !

  1. Legal questions shouldn’t be asked on user-to-user sites like this. When in doubt, first you need to consult your lawyer. If your license question relates to LibreOffice (yours is not), then you should ask at
  2. Times New Roman is not a part of LibreOffice distribution, and LibreOffice does not grant its users any permissions to use Times New Roman (or any other font; note that even fonts in the LibreOffice bundle have their own - free and open - licenses). The said font is from Microsoft, likely came with your Windows OS. You should consult your OS documentation about your permitted use of its included fonts.
  3. Fonts - The Document Foundation Wiki

Thank you !