Need help to retrieve text files on the cloud

My old mac had Libre but everytime I used it texts were saved on the cloud. My new Mac saves to the computer. I have no idea how to retrieve my old texts. I have a ton of writing on there.

If you still have your old computer, you could use it to see exactly where your documents were being saved. Otherwise …

Do you remember setting up an account with any cloud storage service? Did the service come with the computer? (The dealer you bought it from might be able to help.) Did you never create any of your own back-ups?

It may be that Mac has its own cloud as does Windows. Or, one of a few that came with it. Using your email (s) you should be able to retrieve them, but you will again have to agree to install there cloud App to your new Mac, as you must have done with your old one. Good Luck

Keep in mind that LibreOffice will store your documents wherever your Operating System tells it to store them. Unless, of course, you tell LibreOffice to store them somewhere else.

1-I’ve been on computers since the first one connected colleges, back in the 80s, I also used the first Mac in college. 2-I know how to use computers been doing it for over 35 yrs. I downloaded Libre, it auto saved to the cloud. Nothing I did ever TOLD Libre to save to the cloud. Never did I have any other means of access to my texts no password needed. 3-I do not still have the old Mac. 4-There was no “storage service” I was aware of I never paid anyone, nor did I have a password. 5-I never agreed to install anything aside from Libre. It never asked “where” do you want to save this. 6-Dropbox I never had a password for because I enter online art contests and they sponsor the dropbox for the artists. My OS never asked me where to save Libre docs; it does now. I’m resigned to the fact I will never see the work I did again. There is no way to retrieve it without a password,

It seems to be an unfortunate situation. It appears that your old computer came with some on-line storage service already installed and that you used it unquestioningly, with either an embedded password (probably) or with no password (possibly). You never made any back-ups of your data. You let your old computer go without transferring anything to your new computer, like data, embedded passwords, links to the storage service, etc. It is indeed unfortunate.

It is possible that you don’t need a password to retrieve your documents, but you do need to find out where they are stored. See the comment below by @MarkMcLean about MacInCloud and other services.

So…I have no idea where my docs were saved because it was automatically saved to the cloud. I had no other access to it like a password or anything. I don’t have the old mac. I rarely if ever back up info. I think it auto backs up will have to look into that, even then it would be on my other computer.
I assume (and that’s not good) that the cloud came with Libre downloaded from the net. How can I retrieve texts on the cloud using email? I may have downloaded Libre but not the cloud, they were together when I downloaded Libre but they don’t attach them anymore.
I guess I’ll never get them unless you give me an idea how to email for them.

I typed in “free mac cloud” in google, “MacinCloud” is what mac uses as a cloud but they cost. There were other free ones Go to them, and sign in using your email. Most sign in’s, or screen names, are your email. Seeing you forgot password, they will send you a new one by email, IF your info is there. Once signed in you will need to learn how to use that cloud. Once you do, you will have your old files, and a great file backup for all your future computers. If above is not clear, get a teenager to read this and to help you.

And a point of clarification. I can’t recall that authorized distributions of LibreOffice have ever come bundled with cloud storage. Please be clear in your mind that this is not a LibreOffice problem.

I’m not real sure if LibreOffice has a cloud either I installed LibreOffice 10 years ago, it never install another cloud. I use dropbox (cloud) which was suggested in another platform, called Linux light, so i installed dropbox into my old Linux computer with LibreOffice and now both into my new computer which has windows 10 and all my files showed up in windows, some files 10 years old. I have been using dropbox for 10 or more years and windows 10 for about 2 years.

This link says Libre was saving to the cloud since 2016. Not now or I wouldn’t be having a problem. LibreOffice finally making it to the cloud in 2016 | erpinnews

But only if you are using LibreOffice Online or the Collabra CODE version. Is that what you were using??

“So in partnership with ownCloud, Collabora released Collabora Online Development Edition (CODE) in December 2015. It’s a beta of LibreOffice Online and ownCloud Server, which works on top of openSUSE Linux.”

I have used LibreOffice for about 10 years, always online, and every file and folder i saved in my hard drive under the folder named “Dropbox” (which the cloud Dropbox installed), my files and folders were also saved at the cloud named Dropbox. LibreOffice may of had a cloud, but I did not install it. If it was saving also automaticaly, that naturally would be another good backup.