Need help with MS Access 2003 Form


I need to convert an Access form to Base ( or import it).
The form has several push buttons that contain links to different Excel Spreadsheets.
So for example if I push the button for fred, it will launch Excel (later to become Calc) and open the spreadsheet
containing Fred’s data.
How can I recreate this using base?

“later to become Calc” will not work, but first you have to care about the data. Using a sheet as data base table restricts you to read only. If you want to alter the data using a form, you need a true database management system (recommend), or you stay with the Jet engine of Access (only on Windows) or you use the embedded HSQL engine, or you use dBase format. In any case you have to first convert/transport your data, then create the odb connection file and then the form.

Thanks for you inputs.