Need help with substring (or LOCATE) in BASE

I have a database called “SBOD”
In it there is a field called “Book”
Sample data in that field is “Bowyer-Small-Plain-Normal (KQWGBPD)”

It will always contain a skill (in this case Bowyer) preceding the first dash. I want to copy the data out of book up to the dash (In this example “Bowyer”) and put in in my field called “Skill” in the same database.

Can someone give me the full UPDATE statement required to do this?

Thank you!


Providing you always have the - in the Book filed, this will work:

 SET "Skill" = (SELECT "Skill" FROM (SELECT ID, RTRIM( SUBSTR( "Book", 1, LOCATE( '-', "Book" ) - 1 ) ) AS "Skill" FROM "SBOD")B WHERE B.ID = SBOD.ID)

This also used ID as the key in this table. Replace as needed (used three times).

In future be clear with proper terminology. SBOD is a table within the database and NOT the database. A database can contain many tables. Fields are within tables and not databases.

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Im new to this and appreciate the update on terminology. Im a retired RPG Programmer :slight_smile:

Your solution was flawless, copy/paste/run and data is perfect.

Thank you!