Need LibreOffice-script-provider-Python package for windows 10

I don’t have any knowledge about computer languages except a simple understanding of Windows. An extension that I would like to use occasionally requires the LibreOffice-script-provider-Python package. Is there an installer that I can run that will insert a “run-time” version of this into LibreOffice 6.1 without me learning Python or UNIX?

You didn’t describe what extension was that; or if you have tried anything to install and run it, or maybe you just have read its description and asking without actually trying?

FYI: Python is included into Windows version of LibreOffice. Of course, it’s possible that the extension needs something more (but the package you mentioned doesn’t mean anything else on Linux), or maybe it hard-codes some strange checks (and then it would be impossible to workaround that), but it’s all unclear based on what info (none) you have provided.