Need line spacing 18pt but can only get 20pt

Hi, I set up and used 18pt line spacing for a book a while back, now I can only get 10pt, 20pt, 30pt etc. I have tried going to TOOLS - OPTIONS - LIBREOFFICE WRITER - GENERAL - changing Measurement to points and Tab to 18. Then I go back to my document and choose Format - Paragraph - Indents & Spacing and Line Spacing. I can’t get 18pt, the closest is 20pt which is too big.
I’m using LibreOffice and Ubunto 16.04.2 if that makes any difference.

Thanks for any help.

Format > Paragraph > Indents & Spacing tab > in Line Spacing drop-down select Fixed
Enter 18pt in box.
Click OK.

I just checked v4.2.8.2 and it is the same as what I tested on - v5.3.1.2.

I do not know what you are looking at.
Just enter the setting, 18pt, and click OK.
Below is the dialog after I saved it and re-opened.

The instructions you have given are exactly what I’ve been using - as mentioned in my question to start with.
The problem is that in Fixed I have an option of 1 - 20 - 30 - 40pt etc and in Leading I have an option of 10 - 20 - 30pt etc. There is no option of any number between these figures - as in I cannot choose 18 because in Fixed and in Leading the numbers go straight from 10 to 20 with no options in between. It’s not possible to enter 18pt - only 10pt or 20pt.

Not sure what you are looking at.
I have inserted an image of the dialog above with the setting.
Just enter 18pt and click OK.

Many thanks for your time and patience! The simple answer was that I didn’t realise I could enter a setting in the dialogue box by typing it in. I had been using the arrows in the dialogue box to try and increase/decrease the figure, but that only increases or decreases the figure by 10. Thanks again :slight_smile:

Glad to have helped.
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