Need to add a single number to a whole column

Seems like the sort of idiot question that would be answered in the help, or would have been answered already, but I cannot seem to find the answer anywhere.

Using Calc.

I have a single number.

I also have a column of numbers.

How, oh how, does one add a single number like mine to each individual element of a given column, and then just have those new numbers individually make up a column?

You need used reference absolutes.

image description

Copy and Paste Special with operation (Add) work too.

Found the answer myself:

Put the single number in a cell. Copy the cell.

Select the elements in the column. GOD HELP YOU IF YOU SELECT THE COLUMN ITSELF.

Go to the menu, “Edit > Paste Special…”

This opens up a new dialog box; select “Numbers”, “Add”, then just hit OK. The number should have added to the elements in the column.