Need to insert an ALT code for a symbol

I’m doing a project for someone and it requires insertion of some bullet-like images. I can find the ALT codes for them but they don’t work. In doing a search here, I get the impression that ALT codes are for MS Word and not LibreOffice. But they were also referred to as keyboard shortcuts so perhaps I am confused. Which wouldn’t be a surprise.

The code is ALT 10686, if anyone is interested.

If you try to use Unicode characters:

And pay attention, to decimal or hex codes:

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You can use Insert > Special Character dialogue and enter in the search box bullet . Depending on the font selected you might not get any hits. If you are on Windows then change the font to Segoe Symbol and you should find the bullet. You don’t need to use that font but you will find the Hexadecimal number, in this case U+29be for circled white bullet ⦾ .

Enter the hexadecimal number in your text, U+29be and with your cursor an the end of it press CtrlAlt+X as the others have said.

You might like to add it to your Autocorrect list to make it easier if you use it a lot, otherwise create a list style using it.

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Did it for you

Use Alt+X functionality available in all LibreOffice modules on all platforms. Enter hexadecimal Unicode code, and press Alt+X. This is a toggle function, so pressing it again will convert the character back to U+HHHH notation.


This is what finally worked. The Unicode. Not the numerical similar to the Alt code, but the other. Entered it then Alt X and there it was. Thanks! Now I can get the project done and off my desk.