Need to understand Memory options

I’m a writer with How-To Geek and I’m writing an article about how to speed up LibreOffice. I was trying to understand the Memory settings in the Options and how they all affect the performance of LibreOffice. The help does not explain that.

If you don’t use inserted objects often, does decreasing the number of objects stored in the cache release memory that can be made available to the image cache? Or, does one not affect the other?

Also, does disabling the Java runtime environment help speed up the performance of the LibreOffice programs that don’t use it, such as Writer or Calc?

In answer to your question 1, I doubt it and, even if it did, PCs have so much memory these days it is probably irrelevant. You need a developer to tell you.

OO was designed when memory was scarce and expensive, which is why MS created Master Documents. My PC runs with over 1 GB of unused memory.

As for question 2 - I don’t know. Do some tests though it is difficult to find a good representative task to time. Searching a large document and replacing characters takes many seconds but would be a very un-representative test.

EDIT. I think JRE is used only for wizards. Try disabling it - I think you will find that 99% of LO function still works. If so, JRE has no impact on normal use.