Neither Ctrl-+ or Ctrl-Shift-+ does add date in spreadsheet cell

I tried out “tip of the day” that was served when I started LibreOffice (Tip#116): »Need to insert the date in a spreadsheet cell? Type Ctrl+; or Shift+Ctrl+; to insert the time.«

Neither of these keyboard shortcuts works for me, using LibreOffice on Archlinux.

Before you close a question due to “answer accepted” you should actually accept that answer by clicking (exactly once) on the gray checkmark near its start. In fact this is much more useful than the closing itself, which many experienced users don’t like at all.

Okay, that 's good to know.

The initial “subject line” of your question makes me suspect that you misinterpreted the tip.

The semicolon is not punctuation in that advice, it is the actual key to press. On the other hand, the + is not a key to press, but only ties keypresses together.

So, use:

… or …

Ha, that works! Thanks a lot.

This is exactly tdf#135816 :slight_smile:

Also Germans often use an English UI (like myself) to ease cooporation or for different reasons, but can’t use the mentioned shortcuts because the semicolon itself only is reached as ‘Shift+Comma’ on their keyboards. (Yes, l10n often isn’t a solution but the problem like fonts not distinguishing l and I … Did I already tell you that we are crazy?)
Afflicted users can create working shortcuts for the insertion of current Date/Time via >Tools>Customize>>Keyboard selecting the "Category" Insert and then the appropriate item from the dropdown…

… can’t use the mentioned shortcuts because the semicolon itself only is reached as ‘Shift+Comma’ on their keyb…

Did you try ctrl+comma, and ctrl+shift+comma (i.e. ctrl+semicolon)?

That was predefined on my Norwegian install using Norwegian keyboard, which also has semicolon on keyboard combination shift+comma.

Yes, I tried (and just tried again), but the shortcuts aren’t predefined for me.
(Using UI and locale en-GB.)
I anyway wouldn’t use the Insert Current Date because it applies a default format.I strictly deprecate. Even my sometimes preferred Espearnto setting for spreadsheets uses a two-digit-year-format by default.
The “y2k” hysteria is just about 20 years ago, but nobody learned something, did they?
Wait for the next pandemic…