Net charts in Calc 7.4 not working correctly

Iam a strong Calc user, i’ve been working in v.7.3 with net charts and when i upgraded to 7.4 all the net charts changed to simple line charts and even if i select net charts doesnt change, it is a bug?
net graph example file.ods (104.1 KB)
i attach a example file created in 7.3.6 version of LO. Now i’ve downgraded to 7.3.6 to see correctly the charts because these are visually important to my reports.
thanks in advance

I can’t see differences between - - -

Please test with a clean profile, Menu/Help/Restart in Safe Mode

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There is a [bug in versions between and 7.4.3](
The bug occurs with and is fixed in 7.4.3


To clarify the situation, 7.4.3 has the patch in.

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Thanks, i’ll try it now, and hope it works, thanks!

7.4.3 is not available yet, ill wait for it. hope its fixed. thanks

Search for 7.4.3. in

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Thanks to both of you, 7.4.3 installed and working with net charts correctly! happy.

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