New fonts don't show up in font list

I recently added a font with four different versions to Fedora 32. - Libre Office Ver.
Only the font name shows in the font list - if I try ‘Format → Character’ only Bold and Bold-Italic show in the font list.
The two other options - Book and Book-Italic don’t show up at all.
So far I have:-
Installed the font with the Fonts programme. -
Checked that all four fonts exist in ~/.local/share/fonts. -
Copied the fonts to /usr/share/fonts. -
Copied the fonts to ~/.font. -
After each:-
I have run fc-cache -f -v [relevant directory name]. -
I have closed and reopened LO. -
I have logged out and logged back in. -
I have even powered off and on again. -
None of this brings the two missing versions of the font into the font list.

Looking for suggestions, please