new issues concerning the last page of a 3 column document which includes 2 frames/tables issiues

win 7 writer. LO
see my profile.
i have found more issues concerning the tags below. the last page is < 11 " although there are no column breaks.
the first frame cannot be shrunk vertically to match the table within.
i formatted no paragraphs yet several have been changed from single to automatic.
editing in the 3rd column affects the contents of the other columns and at times moves a frame forward a page.
i can’t add a 2nd section with 2 columns.
a numbered list retains the font size but changes the number’s font to liberation serif. trivial.
some unknown actions cause a cursor to jump to unpredictable places.
i don’t know how to up load a sample file. I can email same. i assume my profile includes an email address.
unlike Word your pallet includes many choices. i use many colors & is is difficult to color match an existing hue.
word perfect and rfflo solve this issue by setting the color palette to that of an existing usage,