New labels, 'Type' has no content

I had to enter all the parameters for my label sheet as the only option under ‘Type’ was ‘User’. Avery Zweckform and Herma endlos 'Type’s have content but none of the others. Any suggestions for recovering my Types?

Background info:

  • When I last used this I had no problems (but I only use the labels function in December for Xmas cards so it’s a year since I used ‘New Labels’.)
  • I’ve installed all the Libre Office updates (current version (x64)).
  • I’ve just reset my user profile.
  • The Brands with no content are; Avery A4, Avery A4/Asia, Avery Letter Size, Herma A4, Herma A5, Leitz and Sigel
  • System: Windows 10 v1703, 64 bit OS, 8 GB RAM

Thanks for reading

When you last time tried, did you have LO of that same version?