New line numbers that restart every heading include heading

I tried making line numbers that reset every heading, but these always count the heading as line 1 making the first line line 2. In Font & Outline I cannot not “Include in line numbering” while at the same time making it “Reset at this paragraph”, the option gets greyed out. I can also not make the line numbering start at 0.

Vocabulary issue:
Do you really mean a header, which is some text repeated at top of every page? or a heading which is a short paragraph (title) introducing a new part of the document?

@ajlittoz yess you’re right i meant heading

Assuming you are using the Text Body Paragraph Style for your body text and you sometimes have more than one paragraph following your heading, try the following:

  1. Right click on Text Body and select New…
    1. In the Organizer tab.
      1. Set Name to “_Restart Numbering”.
      2. Set Next style to “Text Body”.
    2. Go to the Outline & List tab.
      1. Leave Outline level set to “Text Body”.
      2. Check Include this paragraph in line numbering.
      3. Check Restart at this paragraph.
      4. Set Start with to “1”.
    3. Click OK.
  2. Right click on your Heading Paragraph Style and select Modify….
    1. In the Organizer tab.
      1. Change Next style from “Text Body” to “_Restart Numbering”.
    2. Go to the Outline & List tab.
      1. Make sure Include this paragraph in line numbering is not checked.
    3. Click OK.

Type a heading and hit Enter.
Type a paragraph. The lines of this paragraph should start with one. Hit Enter.
This new paragraph should continue with the next line number.