New LO erases text in tables

Hi. I used LO 6.3 for Mac and I changed this morning for LO Version: Very bad : in the Writer, some tables has changed, and text has been removed and replaced by 0,00. But not in every table, and for the tables concerned, not in every cell ! It was impossible to get back to the original text. In the end, I opened my document in Word (!) then I could have my information back, copy it and paste it back in LO. This is very weird. I would like to make sure that this doesn’t happen when opening other texts. Thanks for your help.

See also this question Table changed multiple cells to 0 - So may be there is really a bug, which should be reported here

And may be you are hit by #tdf119377

What is really odd, is that I created this file with LO6.3 and I used it for months without any problem. It only occurred when I upgraded to LO 6.4

This question is a duplicate of another, Table changed multiple cells to 0. There are workarounds there. My own workaround was to patch the document using XSLT (a very technical tool to manipulate XML files).

The LibreOffice behaviour is a bug, which is addressed by Bug 131025 - Writer document with tables lost data in cells (apparently) replacing with 0 .