New page numbers without blank page please

I need to start several documents with different page numbers. How do I do that without a blank page hanging off the front of the document? All the answers seem to involve inserting a page break.
Thank you.

The first page of a document could be regarded as starting after a page break.

Make sure the first paragraph of your document won’t be deleted because that is where we are going to set a starting number. We’ll do it by direct formatting so it doesn’t recur in the document and reset the page number later on. If it ends up in a master document the setting will be ignored and the document will be numbered according to the master document styling

  • Right-click in the first paragraph of your document and select Paragraph > Paragraph.
  • In the dialogue that opens, select the Text Flow tab. Under:
    • Breaks tick Insert
    • Type select Page
    • Position select Before
    • Tick With page style and select your current page style
    • Tick Page Number and enter your starting page number. Best to stick to an odd number, e.g.11
  • Click OK

Check your document and also with print dialogue, there won’t be a page before your starting one which is now numbered 11