New Style does not work

Cannot get new style to work. I enter it and then I find it is not in the list. I enter it again and see it is not listed.
It is not listed in manual break styles either Linux Mint 19.1

I click on styles new style and in create style enter a style in this case MP16 then click on OK.

I have already done from MP0 to MP15 but unable to make an MP16

The list when I do manual break never shows MP16 but shows everything else.

How do you think, we could help you with no information at all? You do not tell us on which version of LibreOffice you are working on, no information on your operating system, no description of what you are doing to create a new style. We don’t have fortune tellers (though some people her say theirs is just overloaded)

Read these guidelines and ask a good question.

According to what you wrote as an “answer”, I need to assume, that you expect all styles to appear in styles selection when using Insert -> More Breaks -> Manual Break.. This dialog only shows “Page Styles” but your description on how you create the new style is about creating a “Paragraph Style”. Please select View -> Sidebar or CTRL - F5 and see the 6 different Style Types (Click on the icon “T over triangle”)