New Table Style Not Showing

I am using LibreOffice in Windows 11.
I created a new table style using New Style from Selection in the Table Styles section of the Styles deck of the Sidebar.
This table style appears in the original document. However, this new table style does not appear as a choice if I open a new document or another saved document. I’ve even closing LibreOffice and reopening it.
Is there anything else I might try to get this new table style to appear as a choice?

Custom styles are initially always present only in the document in which they were created.
For new document you need to create or modify a document template with the table style contained in it.
Other document will receive an update only if you were born from this document template.

As @ajlittoz writes, table styles are a special species. You should create them using the auto-format table styles, see Link.

Attention Changes or new AutoFormat styles should always be made via the Table ▸ AutoFormat… menu and not in the table styles.

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Thank you Hrbrgr. Table>AutoFormat… is what I was missing. I had done it this way with before with another table style but forgot the method.

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So-called table “styles” are not traditional styles like paragraph or character styles. They are some hybrid objects mainly implemented with macros. They are stored inside the document (just like ordinary styles).

Since they are not full-fledged styles, they don’t appear as categories when you try to load them (import them) from another document.

There are also several other odd aspects with these table “styles” which make them nearly unusable when you have sophisticated cell/row/column formatting: the underlying macros get triggered whenever you change table structure or contents and all your carefully added formatted is replaced by the default macro formatting.

This is why I don’t personally use the table styles and recommend to avoid them (but your mileage may vary).

A possible solution to your question could be to store your custom table (with its style) in a template of yours. If the created document (based on the template) does not need the table, delete it. Otherwise the style will probably be available in the various lists.

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