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New users can not attach files as their problems, so can not explain well.

Would not it be better they could do?

Well if I’m not wrong, it’s enough with up vote an user question, so they have the minimal karma to attach a file. And Yes I don’t like also, but maybe it’s a minimal prevention on spam.

How does preventing images or uploads prevent spam? All that spammers want is a link to be in place & propagated to Google. This site is extremely low within the Google SERPs (due to sitemap mistakes), so that is a much better prevention. Stopping images and file uploads frustrates only Questioners.


I agree entirely - the inability of newly-signed up questioners to attach images and/or files is stupid & has been in place for so long that it is embarrassing. However, one of the few folks that can authorise any changes here is @floeff (Florian Effenberger, the LO director). He will be able to change it (the format I’ve used there sends an email to him).

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