New version of Impress screws up 10 years of saved presentations? :(

I just opened some Impress odp files which are a few months old. It looks like images on my slides have been very slightly resized compared to when I made the presentation. E.g. images which were perfect squares before are now taller by about 10%, screwing up their aspect ratio. I have PDFs of some of these from a few months ago to prove the images looked correctly back then. I’ve got 10 years of talks I’ve been giving that I recycle content from and they all seem screwed up, which is really really annoying.

I’m guessing its related to a change in version of LibreOffice? I don’t know the version of LibreOffice the files were created, but currently I have (Ubuntu). The presentations are Screen 16:9 11.02’ x 6.20’, and the old PDFs I have are the same slide size (so it basically seems like just the images were resized, not the slide).

Any ideas how to fix this easily? Help much appreciated

If a ODP has changed its layout, it’s a bug, which needs to be reported to be fixed.


No, as you didn’t give any details, except having 10 years old .odp-files.
First step on my list would be to confirm, if LibreOffice-Version is causing the problem. So I’d test my old files with older LO or on other OS. As there are live-versions of Ubuntu available this can even be done, without changing the OS.
Another path is the question, if you only upgraded LibreOffice or did a dist-upgrade of Ubuntu. Then a lot of things changed (depending on the versions).
This kind of changes can also result from gtk-libs, integration of wayland, setups for more than one display …
The “easy” way may be to go back to your previous version. But if you expect this to be fixed you need to do a bug report, with details of your system and example-file.
For help on “my” first step you could provide a one page example, wich was square before.
Good luck…

PS: Before tampering around I recommend to create an additional backup of your presentations, to avoid modification of your old files…

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Thanks for the suggestions. I tried going back as far as which would have been newest version when I made some of these talks, but its still the same issue, so I suppose its not just the LO version alone, maybe some other dependencies.

I also made the realization that this only happened to images which were cropped with LO. I also found which maybe sounds like my issue? Its 7 years old though and unclear if fixed. I’m unsure why I’ve only apparenty run into it now.

I also found that the generic fix is to open the “Crop Dialog” for the affected figures, switch “keep image size” then multiply left/right/top/bottom by sqrt(2) :person_shrugging: which seems to give me exactly the aspect I had before. Maybe the number is just a coincidence, or related to high-DPI? I also tried opening LO with my settings on 100% or 200% scaling, but it makes no difference. Doing this to every affected figure in all these talks is unfortuntaly a huge pain.

Still searching for some easy solution to reuse these old slides…