New version Will not open

I just downloaded and installed the latest version of Libre. Now it will not open. downloaded yesterday. Uding Windows 10. Have used Libre about 5 years without any trouble. I don’t know what else to add

Please have a look at This is the guide - How to use the Ask site? and give some more details. Cheers, Al

Thanks, Al. I read the guide. Too much in there I do not understand. Thanks for the E-mail, I was wondering how I would continue this dialogue.

I have been using Libre Office about five years and often upgrade when they send the notice. No trouble. Yesterday I downloaded and installed ( I think). Office will not open. I did restart the computer. I am using windows 10 on a desktop.


Hi, You could look at General Installation Issues (Windows)

Try seeing if it will run in Safe Mode: click Start menu > LibreOffice 7[x] > LibreOffice (Safe Mode) > Continue in safe mode.

If it does open OK in Safe Mode then while you are there click Tools > Options > LibreOffice > View and untick the box that says Use Skia for all rendering and see if that helps. Cheers, Al

I went to downloads, found Libre and re-installed. That worked

Thank you for your interest.