Newbie Autofill question

Calc is auto filling when I type first chatacter not other characters of the text.
There are some text strings in a column : (Not taking about a drop down list)
John Doe
Henry james
If I type Doe, the cell is not showing the ‘John Doe’. I have to start typing ‘joh’ for it to show John Doe.
How to adjust this behavior?

thank you.

No, you won’t get this behavior with AutoInput. This tool requires you to enter the first characters - in other words, if you want John Doe, then you need to enter Jo
Something similar to the behavior you describe can be done using Data - Validity. For example, you want to find the required values in column B. Then for cell B3 enter Validity with the formula
and disable stopping in Error Alert tab.


Now, if in cells B1 and B2 there are these already specified names of John and James, enter Doe in B3 and press Alt + Down Arrow, then another down arrow (possibly several times to select the desired line in the drop-down list) and Enter to fix the choice.
Copy this cell down as much as necessary.

Another possible way is to write your own keypress event handler, which, after releasing each button on the keyboard, will search for suitable values above the current cell and generate a list for selection. But since you say that you are a beginner and just starting to use Calc, then do not try to implement this yourself to avoid disappointment.


thank you. But I don’t think I would enter a formula even for simple autofill. Like I said I am not only newbie to Libre but also to formulas. So any other simple solution?

Yes, of course there is a simple solution - use the established rules: if you need John Doe, then enter John :wink:

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A solution simple to use would be more complex to set up.

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