Newest sheets keep getting lost or deleted in shutdown/ restore

I expect this is something I’m doing “wrong”, but in Excel this wouldn’t be happening, so whatever I’m doing or not doing is NOT intuitive and I don’t know WHAT I should be doing instead.

I have a workbook where I keep adding new sheets by the week, starting with a copy of the previous week’s sheet and then modifications for the current week. I leave the workbook open. I DO save it, though (same name but a save). Later on, I may have to do a shutdown of the Mac (either a hang or a required reboot to update something else). When I come back up, I am told my document can be recovered. Not being 100% sure I previously saved it with all the latest changes I do what I think is sensible. I recover it and have repeatedly found that my newest save has been REPLACED with the previous version. I don’t know what is going on, but this isn’t much of a feature to my mind. I think the recovery process should NEVER overwrite an existing good copy with a “recovered” version if it can’t be sure which is actually the latest – it should AT LEAST suggest and allow recovering to a differently named file!

Obviously I can make sure each save of the workbook goes under a new name. Or otherwise backup. But this is a little nuts, as I shouldn’t need to litter my storage with old copies of the workbook when the workbook is cumulative.

This has happened to me several times now. It doesn’t make me feel SAFE using libre office. What should I do differently?

Beyond my immediate problem, I suggest Libre Office try to follow the behaviors of Excel as much as possible. Like it or not Excel IS the standard by an enormous margin and frustrating Excel users needlessly – presumably to show “new and improved” interface or behavior changes which aren’t, in fact, DRAMATICALLY better – isn’t the way to win converts.

Not an answer but an additional request: When recovery is suggested there are only two choices. You can “recover” (which means commit suicide if the recovery is going to overwrite something good) or you can DISCARD the recovery information (committing suicide if the recovered file is actually BAD). This is a classic “horns of a dilemma” which shouldn’t exist. Saving the recovery info under a different name should be an option. A better option, imo, is that the recovered file should get a NEW name – probably a new suffix – until it can be vetted. Anyway, the recovery process is far from ideal. Recovery should NOT overwrite a file of the same name.

That is an extremely good–and perfectly obvious–suggestion for improvement. Put it as an enhancement request so that it does not get lost in the wilderness.

I am having the same problem. LibreOffice crashed and offered to restore the sheet file. It restored it to a version from 4 days ago!!! :frowning: Where is the data from the last four days? I’m 99% sure I saved the file several time (as I turn off my computer every day or two). Have I lost irreplaceable data? The backup option was not enable. Please someone tell me there is a way to find a version of the document from between today and four days ago. I already tried checking for backups. It just seems weird to lost four days worth of work and there not be any copies availabl.