Newline in formula and table in Writer


please see my screenshot, how can I have a newline in the formula part? If I type in “newline” after minister_1, I get an error.

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(Edit: activated screenshot -AK)

Each line needs to be balanced in regard to brackets. To achieve this, there are two methods:

  • Use scaling brackets. To make a bracket scaling, write leftor rightbefore the brackets. In case the associated bracket is missing, use left none or right none. You would write e.g. left lbrace minister_1 right none newline left none minister_2 right rbrace.

  • Remove the “bracket” property from the sign so that it is handled as normal character. To do this write a backslash before the bracket. You would write e.g. \lbrace minister_1 newline minister_2 \rbrace.

and how do I handle newline in bracket like ( and )? left( minister_1 right) none newline or ( ) does not work.

left( minister_1 right none newline left none something right )