Newly added sheets not showing correct default cell style

I created a spreadsheet template in which I modified the Default cell style to increase the font size from 10pt to 11pt (LiberationSans). This template is set to only have one sheet to start with.

When I open a new spreadsheet, Sheet #1 displays correctly, according to the template. When I add additional sheets, the gridlines/cell sizes do not change to reflect the larger font size. But the font size section on the toolbar and actual text typed into the sheet do reflect the correct template style.

If I manually apply the modified default style to the newly added sheet, then it displays correctly.

The screenshots below use 22pt font for illustration.

Sheet #1 displays correctly:

Newly added Sheet #2 does not:

I’m using LibreOffice Version: Build ID: 420m0(Build:2), installed from the official repository on Linux Mint 17, Cinnamon 2.2 desktop.

Thanks for any help.

@Scully - I made a test using LibO on XP and get the same result like you show it in your screen shots.

You found a bug.

May I ask you to post a bug report here:
and post the bug number again here to enable others to add comments.


  • Click into the top right corner of the spreadsheet to select all cells
  • Format > Rows > Optimal Height > OK
    and you get all cells in the right size for your new font.

@Kevin1 Suo reported also an additional fast workaround:

Select all cells of the new sheet, then double-click between two row labels to auto adjust height.

Thanks. Bug report has been submitted, #81397:

I included this workaround:
Select all cells in the new sheet, and manually apply the modified Default cell style by any usual means. The row heights will adjust to the correct value for the font size chosen in the modified Default style.