Newly instantiated template forgets its save location

Hi there,

On Ubuntu (19.10, and prior versions as long as I can remember) when I create a new document based on a template, the new document doesn’t seem to remember its save location.

Steps to reproduce

Place a LibreOffice template in $HOME/Templates
From a file browser dialog in user’s home directory, right-click and select “New Document > [template you added]”
Open the new file
Press Ctrl+S

Expected behaviour

New file saves under its existing name to its location in $HOME

Actual behaviour

A “Save as” dialog opens asking you where to save the file

I suppose this is the expected behaviour.

Whenever you open a template, the only location information Writer knows of is the templates folder. Obviously, you don’t want to save your new document there.

The File>New command clearly requests the creation of a new document which is temporarily name Untitled n. The first File>Save command will behave exacty like Save As to offer the possibility to change this default name. As @anon73440385 mentions, the file picker starts at the My Documents path in the options (user profile) or the folder used in the last call to the file picker.

In may OSes, the file browser shows a list of preferred locations at left of dialog. Mine (Linux) shows Home, Dektop, Documents, Downloads plus a list of devices. The list can be edited with a right-click to add other preferred locations.

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Additional note 2020-02-29

Creating a new document with right-click on a template is not a good idea because the document does not remain associated with the template, as can be seen in File>Properties. When working with templates, create new documents from inside Writer with File>New>Template to benefit from automatic style updates when the template changes.

Whenever you open a template, the only location information Writer knows of is the templates folder.

… and what is set in Tools ->Options -> LIbreOffice -> Path -> Type: My Documents (which is also the starting point for the file picker dialog using Save or Save as.