Nigerian naira (NGN) currency not in LibreOffice Calc


I use both the Ubuntu and Windows platforms and also an advocate of opensource software especially for African countries. I was trying to create a spreadsheet that would have both the dollar and naira currencies but did not find the naira. LibreOffice Calc opened a spreadsheet that was created with Microsoft Excel with both currencies.

The problem here is that creating a spreadsheet with the naira currency does not seem possible. Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country.


Olisemeka Omo

There’s no Nigerian locale data implemented that would provide the necessary defaults; we’d be happy to receive such, for how to contribute locale data please see LibreOffice Localization Guide/How To Submit New Locale Data - The Document Foundation Wiki

However, you can create and apply a number format manually such as [$₦]0.00 or [$NGN] 0.00 and it will be added to the Currency category of the current locale in the number formatter dialog, but it will not show up in the list of available currency formats in the toolbar to be picked from.

Thank you for your response.
I will look into creating a Nigerian locale data.

Note that there currently are seven locales registered (within LibreOffice) for Nigeria:

  • bin-NG “Edo”
  • fuv-NG “Fulfulde”
  • ha-Latn-NG “Hausa” (in Latin script)
  • ig-NG “Igbo”
  • kr-NG “Kanuri”
  • yo-NG “Yoruba”
  • ibb-NG “Ibibo”

of which only Hausa [ha-Latn-NG] and Yoruba [yo-NG] have a language listbox entry, so probably are the most important.

Seeing that someone just accepted this as answer: meanwhile ha-Latn-NG and en-NG locale data was added and the Naira currency is available.