NLP extensions for Calc V7.0.0.3

I had installed the extensions for the NLP - DEPS Evolutionary Algorithm & SCO Evolutionary Algorithm in LibreOffice calc V6.3.5.2.

I have now installed V (Flatpack) but these useful extensions do not appear in the extension library. I have tried installing the NLP extensions via the Linux Mint Package manager but this has reinstalled them for V6.3 and they do not show up in the extension library for V7.

These solvers are better than the experimental swarm solver in V7. How do I install them so they work in V7 ?



The extensions are part of LibreOffice; I would assume that either they must be part of the package (Flatpak in your case), or be installable using supplementary packages from same source.

Anyway, they are Java-dependent. So your LibreOffice needs to be able to use Java; make sure that is the case (I don’t know if Flatpak-installed LibreOffice can use the same Java that OS package manager-installed LibreOffice uses, or if it needs a Java installed using Flatpak itself).

I have found a solution which was to download the extension from link text. I then copied this to a local directory and installed it using the V7 extension manager. Though intended for OpenOffice it seems to work OK so far with LibreOffice calc.

It is possible that it is not in the official library as it is a beta release and there does not seem to have been any updates for some time so may be unmaintained.