No autosave by default; are you guys high?

I just lost 3 hours of work after a thunderstorm shorted the electricity in my building.

I went to recover the file by following a tutorial online… It turns out LibreOffice doesn’t enable autosave by default. You must specify in the option/load save/ general.


Certainly you are angered but this site is used by people of all ages and backgrounds. Please use appropriate language.
Thank You

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Don’t rely on autosave, it is a safety mechanism, not a systematic save. Always Save manually at the beginning and often while you work until it becomes second nature.

You could try an extension such as Timestamp Backup » Extensions but it still requires manual Save

You might care to read this page Preventing data disaster - The Document Foundation Wiki

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I’m afraid most future users are not prepared to read anything before using software. And as mobile devices mostly autosave people are getting used to never saving and don’t care of backup (until it is to late)…


In my country, there’s a joke with a punchline: “I’m writer, not reader!”


are you guys high?

No, “We guys” are, as far as I can tell, not high. For myself I can say that for sure I am not. Someone appears to be, though.

Sadly, this happens, and “we guys”, your user peers, cannot repair the damage, nor can we change the product so it works better next time, nor stop power outages or other accidents from happening.

Luckily, you only lost 3 hours of work, and you learned something in the process. Others have been far worse off from such events, I can assure you.
Next time you will be safely using the tool you have found, or you will have found another tool which you are able to use safely. Something lost, and something gained.


That’s a BASIC feature almost every text editor has, even Notepad++
This is not acceptable for a production version

It’s not 1995, stop finding excuses and fix it

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Right, in 2022 it is not acceptable to be a total idiot who can’t hit Ctrl + S for over three hours.

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