No cell-formatting shows up

I have a spreadsheet that has conditional formatting, different background colors, etc. Unfortunately, simple cell formatting like showing negative numbers in red or a certain column entries in blue simply does not happen. The same spreadsheet opened in another computer does show negatives in red, etc, and so I’m assuming it is some Calc option that may be messing how cell contents are shown. Can you point me any clues. TIA.

Did you open the spreadsheet in LibreOffice’s Safe Mode (Help -> Restart in Safe Mode...) and check whether the issue is still shown?

That worked! After starting LibO in Safe Mode and loading the spreadsheet it was shown just like in the Linux desktop. Questions is: what’s next? Will I loose something saving this new profile?
And BTW, thanks for your answer Opaque!

what’s next?

see my answer - you will lose all your settings you made through Tools -> Options (and if you have macros under My Macros (which are not part of documents), you will lose these as well (that’s why the procedure in my answer contains the Archive User Profile step).

Hello @Yuhler

Do you mean that you want to manually change the formatting of some cells whose format is already driven by some condition(s) ?

In this case, I tried with a colour scale and was unable to change the background colour manually afterwards. But I was able to add-up boldness. I looks like there is precedence of conditional formatting over manual formatting for the same format parameters.

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Kind regards, Michel

Thanks for answering, Michel, and for the instructions. I’m new here.
I did try to change cell formatting but it simply did not show up. Some formatting like bold face and italics did show but font colors did not. I’m completely lost trying to find out why it is behaving like this. As said already the same spreadsheet shows fine in another computer so I think I accidentally changed something on my working laptop.


according to your test result, most likely your user profile is corrupt and you need to reset to factory settings:

To reset the user profile perform:

  • Start LibreOffice
  • Start in Safe Mode using Help -> Restart in Safe Mode and confirm the restart using button: Restart
  • Archive your profile expanding Advanced (click on the word Advanced right above Help button) and click Archive User Profile button
  • Select option Reset to factory settings
  • Activate [x] Reset entire user profile
  • Click button Apply Changes and Restart

Hope that helps.

Opaque, thanks for the instructions. I did as you said and it worked. Now, thinking that it may happen again would be wise to save the “new” profile so I can easily recover from further corruptions.
Part of my settings were automatically recovered from backup (extensions, locale, etc). I only had to rebuild some of my toolbar items.

The directions you provided saved my bacon, yes. Thanks again. Whilst, today I noticed another cell formatting quirk: cells set to Alignment options “Wrap text” and “Hyphenation active” were not working as expected. Text was wrapping at cell border but without respecting hyphenation rules, breaking the words by its characters. Resetting my profile fixed the thing. Anyway, I’m wondering what could be contributing to profile corruption so easily and so often. My hardware seems rock solid and LibO is on a laptop, thus not susceptible to power surges. Any hint very much welcome. TIA.