no COUNTIFS in Calc 5.2.2

I’m using LiO Calc 5.2.2 without function COUNTIFS. How to fix?

(Don’t be stingy with information! System? UI language? Locale? Its your goal to get useful answers.)

This cannot be. The Calc functions are always installed completely.
An extreme experience I remember from many years ago was a user profile corruption that caused part of the Calc functions to be shown with the name they were given in differen locales. (In my case the UI was English, but about 2 dozen functions were named in Norsk and eleven addtional ones in Esperanto.)
How to handle user profile corruption is described [here](

OK. You may also try a complete uninstall (by system tools) an reinstall. Be very careful - and do not forget about a probably persistent user profile if you decide to do so.

(BTW: COUNTIFS is not of much use, imo. You gain more flexibility using SUMPRODUCT for the purpose.)

@Lupp I did both with User profile and Reinstall but it does not work. Thanks so much for your concern. Maybe any other thing that i miss.

Now my Calc is ok with COUNTIFS. Maybe something wrong with my OS, i’m not sure. Tks.