No extension MySql connector

I have installed MySQL80 on my windows 10 laptop as well as libreoffice.
I have also downloaded the Release: 1.0.2 - MySQL Native Connecter for LibreOffice version 4.1 and higher : mysql-connector-ooo.oxt. In Base there is no automatic extension added to my extensions .
Now when I want to add it through the extension manager in Libreoffice writer I get a warning: The extension ‘MySQL Connector’ does not work on this computer.
Why doesn’t it work and I don’t see it in the extensions?


Beste Jef,
Voor LibreOffice 6.2 was inderdaad de extensie nodig maar vanaf versie 6.2 is de driver die connectie maakt met MySQL inbegrepen in LibreOffice Base.
Zie ook hoofstuk 2 van de Engelstalige Handleiding voor Base (7.3)

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Dank uwel voor de informatie.