no font in the drop-down menu

Hey guys,

I just successfully installed the necessary MS fonts in my manjaro gnome 20, all the installed fonts display and work fine in WPS, while when I open my docs by double click to open Libreoffice writer, only the font that are used in this document are display in its italic form, and there is no font in the drop-down menu.
Like this:


However, it’s strange that when I try to open my docs via Libreoffice-Open file, all the fonts are back and display in its regular form.


What happen here? Can anybody help me out?

All the installed MS fonts are provided in the attached file here: fonts.doc

My guess is the font is damaged or not correctly packaged per the current standards. We recently had an issue with something similar, it worked in OpenOffice but not in LO, and come to find out, it was based loosely off the old version one standard. LO is more rigorous in its checking and allowing certain fonts. Can you supply more details on the font you have installed?

However, it’s wired that when I open my docs via Libreoffice-Open file, all the fonts can display, could it be a bug of LO?
I have added the installed fonts list to my previous description section, you could download and check there.