No 'Form-Based Filters' Icon in Form Navigation Bar

I have a standalone form connected to a database with the navigation bar inserted into the form itself. However when I open the standalone form and use it, there is no icon for the ‘Form-Based Filters’ function which I use heavily. If I open my databse file, and open the Form listed within that file I have the options from the Form Navigation Toolbar in the window. I attached two images below.

Is this a bug / intentional / and any fix or explanation?

Form Navigation (toolbar):

form navigation (toolbar)

Form Navigation (navigation bar inserted in form):

form navigation (navigation bar inserted in form)

Form Navigation doesn’t appear to be part of the “control” (also not there - Data sources as Table). Probably best to file as enhancement - Bugzilla.

Also tried setting a shortcut but it didn’t seem to work.

Done, see bug 127175