No header on first page of a chapter

I have been trying to format the first page of each chapter to have no header and the page number at the foot. Some pages work with the chapter head style I have set up, and others don’t. I have tried several solutions (including some tips given here), but none work. I have numerous book length documents I’m trying to finalize for print, and I’m getting very frustrated.

Just use the ODF file formats and some different Page Styles.

I’ve tried so many variations on the heading1 style and I can’t find a format that works. I’ve copied and pasted from styles that work. I’ve followed directions on the help menus, used odf templates and there is just no consistency. Some first pages have headers and others don’t. I know I’m doing something wrong but can’t figure it out.

Please upload your ODF type sample file here.

Thanks. I’m out of the office so I will in the morning. Thank you.

(As usual, OS name and LO version would have been useful.)

Page style configuration will do it. In the Header and Footer tabs, there is Same content on first page check box which must be unticked to “detach” the first page from the others. Leave the header/footer empty on the first page.

For the trick to work at every chapter start, you must reset the page style when you open a new chapter. There are two ways to accomplish this:

  • direct formatting (manual)
    Insert a special page break before the chapter heading with Insert>More Break>Manual Break so that you can tell which page style to use after the break. Just use the same as the one in the previous chapter to restart the page sequence.

  • styles (automatic)
    Modify Heading 1 paragraph style (the style intended for chapter heading) to incorporate the special page break in the Text Flow tab. It is then automatically done whenever you style Heading 1 any paragraph.

For special purposes, a more sophisticated scheme is also possible, involving several independent page styles linked by the Next attribute in the Organizer tab.

Thank you for explaining this so clearly. It worked first try!